Friday, September 5, 2008

Oprah Says No To Palin

Billionaire talk show host/goddess, recently says she willl not allow Sarah Palin to make an apperance on her show. Oprah, a heavy Obama supporter, cliams that she doesn't want to use her show to platform any of the candiates. There is also talk that this issue has created a rift within Oprah's staff were half of Oprah's staff wants Palin to make an apperance while the other half doesn't.

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Harry Knopp said...

For those who want to learn more about Sarah Palin or show their discontent with Oprah:

There's a section of links on to:
--The "Get Sarah Palin on Oprah" petition and website
--The page where you can buy her biography
--The Anchorage newspaper's biography of her
--The blog that has followed her career
--The local Anchorage news outlets that cover her
--Other Sarah Barracuda-related sites