Friday, September 26, 2008

post-debate thoughts #2

McCain doesn't really present plans in these debates at least. He does seem to be more on his A-game today though. He's a whole lot more aggressive and his attacks are pretty hard (even though they're still counter intuitive) and resolute. Obama has all of these steps which seem pretty comprehensive but seem a little dodgy to me.

I guess it's because McCain's rhetoric is war-like in nature still, like Dave always says. He gives me this foreboding feeling of if we don't ___ or ____ we're doomed for death. But Obama makes me feel a little less panicked, at least in the way he describes his plans.

Again, maybe McCain is changing his image again, as more of the maverick/independent:
"Republicans came to change Washington, but Washington changed us"

He is alot more straightforward this time around- If you notice, he uses the word "change" a bunch.

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