Friday, September 19, 2008

Sarah Palin's Email Hacked!

According to an article on the Huffinton Post, Sarah Palin's email( was hacked into sometime this week when hackers, associated with an cyber terrorist group called Anonymous, impersonated her and reset her Yahoo! Mail password. Although nothing malicious was found in her mailbox, family picture and personal email addresses were discovered through her account. All this after an alleged report of Palin using her personal email to conduct political and government business.

Being hacked can happen to
almost anyone , but when your careless enough to use your own private email to conduct government business that is just reckless. Now imagine if she had access to information vital to the security of our nation.


Nate Smith said...

We found a few malicious items in her inbox. Check them out!

Brandontonio said...
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Brandontonio said...

what happens if someone hacks Obama's email?... do we all find it so cool? Is it seen as malicious? Do we feel that the evil republicans are at it again? Or... Do we look for dirt, put him against the same amount of scrutiny, and rake him over the same coals?

I feel in all honesty this will backfire, and in my own mind have wondered if the republicans didn't actually do this to themselves! What better way to show how "normal" she is, than to show her exchanging pictures of her kids, and being further cementing her image of hockey mom?