Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Can Asian-Americans Swing the Vote?

Now that we're in the last few days, talk of swinging the vote is getting more notice, and it looks like the often overlooked "model minority"; the Asian-Americans, may hold the swing vote.

As an Asian-American, I can tell you that culturally, Obama doesn't seem like the likely candidate for our demographic. Why? Because most traditional Asian families don't find much comfort in "change", instead generally opting for safety and reliability. Even moreso, Asian Americans are generally passively impartial to voting in general. In fact, according to the NAAS Survey, 43% of Asians who were polled were still undecided.

But Obama's got the Asian vote.

Sen. Barack Obama leads Sen. John McCain 42 to 20 percent in New York and 37 to 18 percent in New Jersey, according to a recent poll of Asian Americans.
source: Asian Journal

If McCain wants to scrape in any remaining votes, he better start going after the 43% undecided Asian-American demographic, who are generally not affiliated with any particular party. It may very well be a pivotal difference.

Now let me rant for a second: Everyone talks about slavery in the states, but who are the Chinese Railroad workers? We all know tons about the Holocaust but who here is taught about the Rape of Nanking in school? Did anyone hear about when the biggest hip-hop station in New York made a "humorous song" about tsunami victims with lyrics that include "swim, chink, swim"?

Didn't think so.
And now, Asian Americans matter all of the sudden.



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