Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain Picks Former Beauty Queen/Current Milf As Running Mate

Who? Thats the first thing I thought when I heard McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. Then I heard she was an Alaskan governor and remembered that Alaska actually has people living there! But really, who is Sarah Palin?
Senator John McCain astonished the political world on Friday by naming Sarah Palin, a little-known governor of Alaska and self-described “hockey mom” with almost no foreign policy experience, as his running mate on the Republican presidential ticket.
Ms. Palin, 44, a social conservative, former union member and mother of five who has been governor for two years, was on none of the widely discussed McCain campaign short lists for vice president. In selecting her, Mr. McCain reached far outside the Washington Beltway in an election year in which the Democratic presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama, is running on a platform of change. - NYTimes

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