Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Biden and The Real Question

"Are we talking about what we can do for Africa
or are we talking about what we can do with Africa?"
-Joe Biden

McCain is too vague, Barack has no track record. But look at Biden's record and what he says.

When asked by ONE about what he would do as President, here's a rundown of what he said:
(full page)
-$50 billion by 2013 for HIV
-expanded efforts for Malaria prevention
-I have to quote this one:
"...legislation to safeguard women and children in refugee and IDP camps and I am the author of the International Violence Against Women Act. As president, I would build on these efforts to address the interlinked health needs and human rights of women and children.”
-co-sponsored the Education for All Act (universal primary education)
-Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee (prevent water-borne disease)
-partnered with Bono on Jubilee 2000 debt relief

McCain's "straight talk" on poverty involves no numbers, no way to measure- which means no accountability. However, he has experience in dealing with foreign issues firsthand. He's also constantly talking about not aiding certain countries because of abuse (which is legitimate). However, what do vague promises mean?

Obama promises alot- like giving measurable goals with spending on HIV, along with epic, touching speeches about his personal touches with poverty and his social work experience. But one has to wonder if he even knows what he's getting into. There's very little indication besides his persuasive talk of whether or not he can pull of what he's talked about. His track record is very light, despite his motivational presence.

Now let me take a pause from politics for a second.

The real question has to be whether or not these issues mean anything to us, anything to you or me. On a very surface level, how does dirty water or child prostitution influence my American life? On a more personal level, will we pass these injustices off to more "experienced" people? Am I just going to leave it up to ONE or the President to deal with? Know these issues, we all need to learn together. It doesn't affect you and me, and that's the problem.

The shirt you wear could be made by child labor.
The water you drink is bought and sold by companies, at the cost of actually keeping wells from much of the 3rd world.
American men go to Thailand regularly and buy time with 7 year old girl prostitutes.

No, it doesn't affect you. But it does affect them. Even if it did somehow affect our economy or resources- at what cost? A life? Innocence?

Uncomfortable? Good.
Let's do something about it. Add your voice, your money, your time, your resources.
I'm not being preachy, I'm just telling you what you don't want to hear. But it's true. I know first hand.
We're in this together. Never think that you're too insignificant to save a life.



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