Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sarah Palin On ABC

In case you missed it( like I did) here's Sarah Palin being interviewed by Charles Gibson on ABC.

I think Sarah Palin did a good job....of stating her rehearsed answers during the interview. However, towards the end, when she was asked about the Bush Doctrine, she must've forgot what coach McCain told her.


Brandontonio said...

It is interesting that you negligently post that her answers were "rehearsed", and that "coach McCain" helped her, because clearly the man can not give a speach / interview to save his life. I am however curious as to whether you posted a video such as this:
Just curious, (there are many more video's similar, but I figured it would be hard to say Letterman had a right leaning slant). At any rate, this race isn't about Palin and Obama, if anything you should be comparing her to a gem like this:

I'm sure fair and balanced isn't the goal here, but it has always amazed me how we can sit in one place and only see one side.

LA said...

You have a point sir.