Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama's Stance on Taiwan: Double Standard?

Look familiar?

This logo represents the Taiwanese Solidarity Union, a Taiwanese political party that is against becoming one with China. Taiwan wants independence from China, but China wants Taiwan to become part of the "one China".

What does this have to do with American politics?
Barack says on his site that
We should maintain our "one China" policy, our adherence to the three U.S.-PRC Joint Communiques concerning Taiwan, and observance of the Taiwan Relations Act, which lays out the legal basis for our relationship.
What is the "one China" policy? In a nutshell, it's the principle that there is one China, which includes Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, calling it a "common obligation of all Chinese people". This is from the One China policy:
Taiwan is part of China. The state shall never allow the "Taiwan independence" secessionist forces to make Taiwan secede from China under any name or by any means."
Does that sound like freedom to you?

So what's the big deal? Quick history lesson:
For those who don't know, Taiwan is a small island off of China, claiming independence as well as democracy, as opposed to China's communism (but lately it's leaning more towards "Nationalism").

In short, Chinese people fled from China during the rise of Mao Zedong to escape persecution and to gain freedom from government oppression. My family was directly affected by this. My grandparents fled from China to Taiwan, where my grandfather was a general in the Taiwan military to fight against the red army. Read up on it, and you will find out about China's shady rise to power, filled with history alteration, book burnings, mass public killings and oppression of basic freedoms. Tianenmen Square ring any bells?

Obama claims to adhere to the "US-PRC Joint Communique" which is essentially the US attempting to maintain peaceful relations with China while barely mentioning supporting Taiwan's democracy.

So here's the problem and irony: According to Obama's site:
March 22nd was a good day for the people of Taiwan, for the forces of democracy around the world, and for peace and stability in the western Pacific. I will do all that I can to support Taiwan's democracy in the years ahead.
Funny, but he also supports the one China policy, a policy that aims to bring Taiwan into China, a communist country. It's easy to dismiss this as being a foreign issue that is irrelevant to us, but consider this. We are nurturing and encouraging a giant communist nation to take over this small democratic island. As an American, whose democratic nation revolted against a giant oppressive force (Britain), and as a Texan whose state fought for freedom from Mexico, I find it very perplexing that we are promoting this kind of assimilation.

People fled from China to find safe haven in Taiwan because of persecution, oppression and mass murder. Sound familiar? Mao murdered more than Stalin or Hitler! How can we as Americans say that we support democracy, especially for other countries, yet, for the sake of economic power, sell out Taiwan by telling them to return to the country grounded on principles set forth by the greatest mass murderer in history?

This is actually what both Obama and McCain support. Does this sound like democracy to you?



fawkthatsht said...

I liked this post. I can digg it.

fawkthatsht said...

I forgot to mention to vote for obama. cuz taiwan needs china

mingch said...

Good post. Wish more Americans and the rest of the world are aware of this stupid 'One China' policy. Essentially, US always adhere to her own interest, even if it means kowtow to China right now, or support corrupt leaders like Marcos...etc.

As Winston Churchill once said: "We can always trust US to do the right thing--after it has exhausted all other options".

The right thing is to support Taiwan, instead of relying on China for its cheap goods, and their influence on North Korea.

Kit said...

yes. do the right thing and support taiwan. and yeah right, we need china like we need counterfeit goods and poisonous toothpaste, pet food, milk, eggs, seafood, kids' toys...

TheGoyle said...

Good post! We definitely need to pay more attention to Taiwan. Beyond values, it's also really important in our national interest! This is both from a geopolitical/military point of view but also in the sense of spreading democracy in the world and creating more accountability (like the food scares), transparency, and just peaceful interaction among nations. (Yes it's hard to say this given U.S. actions in the last 8 years.)

Just wanted to clear up something-
the U.S. has a One China Policy, and China has a One China Policy. The two don't say the same thing, and that's why Obama and Mccain's sites say they support it. The U.S. policy says that we *acknowledge* that China sees one China including Taiwan, but we don't agree with it. We agree not to support Taiwan to 'unilaterally' move to 'independence,' but we demand peace from both sides regardless.

Well, 1. Taiwan is independent 2. the policy was created when US officials thought people on both sides were ALL China-Chinese. Really the Nationalist government in Taiwan at the time was only 10% of the population.

3. Though the ambiguity of the policy helps us walk a line between China and Taiwan, it really hurts us a lot because we end up not supporting a democracy like Taiwan, and also sending signals to the people of Taiwan that we don't support them. This hurts our attempts to spread democracy in Asia and most of all hurts the democracy in Taiwan.