Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Middle Class Irony

One of the biggest criticisms against McCain is that he is continuing "trickle down economy" where the richest 5% get tax breaks- so that it will hopefully reach the middle class.

Popular opinion of the public along with the Democrats is that the middle class needs to be the one helped the most. One aspect is that the middle class are the biggest consumers, so they need more money to spend- making sure that the economy stays rigorous. Watch these pretty comprehensive videos about "Obamanomics"

Watch every Obama speech: it's all about the middle class.
Sounds good right?
I'm betting that you're in the middle class.

McCain and Obama's policies are opposites: Trickle down and Trickle up. But how about the lowest class?
How does "lifting up the middle class" affect the bottom? McCain has continually flip flopped about raising the minimum wage vs. Obama who is adamantly pushing to keep the minimum wage livable at the same rate as the economy.

All you can really say about their stance is that McCain is among the highest 5% of Americans while Obama (at least according to Audacity of Hope) talks about our "empathy deficit" for the urban poor.

So is there a trickle down to the bottom? I guess the issue is: which candidate's policy gives a higher likelihood of trickling down to the bottom? From the richest to the bottom, or the middle to the bottom?

Even globally, for America to be the philanthropist to the third world, would mean for America to have the respect of other nations as well as the money to give and build resources. Through the lens of poverty, that would necessitate the administration with the most sound economic plan right? Here's the theoretical chart of the Dems' policy. For the Republicans, add "more $ for richest, trickles down to middle class" to the top.

This is all very naive (but popular) statement, but the urban poor need jobs, higher minimum wage, and an excellent education program. Pretty much: make them just like the middle class.

It's a very shallow explanation of deeper needs, but economically, it's what people are really asking for isn't it?

So the democrats knock the republicans for their trickle own policy, but what are they going to do about their own uspoken "trickle down" to the poor? Even moreso, to the rest of the impoverished world? Is all of this middle class growth really going make that siginificant of a change for the poorest of the poor?

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