Sunday, October 12, 2008

'Crazy Conservatives' = Good for McCain

With all the fighting, distrustful and scathing rhetoric aimed at Obama, it's no wonder that McCain supporters vehemently hate Obama. In this video, you see the weirdly polar reactions to what McCain says. There's the initial 'boo' followed immediately with some enthusiastically supportive clapping.

I have a theory; McCain has been purposely fanning the flame of animosity into a blazing inferno, so that he can, in contrast, seem respectful. What better way to "Be a Maverick" than to stick it (at least to the public) to your own Republican supporters?
(Obama thanked McCain for defending him later)

After watching this clip, it makes you wonder: whose rhetoric is more powerful? McCain has criticized Obama's overly charismatic rhetoric, but with everything McCain says in this video, he can change the very reaction and 'thoughts' of the mob with anything he says. Maybe, it's not that McCain is persuasive, but that he has, at his disposal, a mob of completely pliable minds who will violently agree with whatever he says.

To be fair, McCain could be honestly defending Obama- I would believe it. It just seems
a bit too convenient.


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