Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"When you got a Negro running for president..."

Check out this short news report from Al Jazeera( English).

Honestly, where do these people get their information from. "He's a terrrorist ", "He's related to terrorist", "He thinks us white people are trash". Pure example of American ignorance created not only by manipulative comments made by McCain and Palin but by racist connotations expressed throughout American society. The people in the video are as human as it gets. What they do not know they fear. They fear a man they know nothing about. But why do they not know about a man who has announced his candidacy for president since February? Why do they not know about a man who is deemed, by the McCain Palin Party, the Biggest Celebrity In The World?

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Lola Gets said...

Yep, gotta love that AJE! I just saw one of my old coworkers from there this morning whilst running for the Metro - yea AJE!