Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who Won The Fianl Presidential Debate of 08'?

Last night was the last presidential debate for McCain and Obama. If you missed it you can check it out here on Youtube. There were quite a few things I found interesting about last nights debate(you can check that out on my twitter) but mainly the fact that ...
McCain was getting at that ass. He was trying to get Obama cornered with quick one-liners(Senator Government?) and witty statements about the economy. The Pundits are ate it all up saying that McCain "won" last nights debate. But, really who looked more presidential? That's what really matters, especially for the undecided voters. McCain sure didn't win with all that damn blinking and heavy ass breathing. Obama looked just as calm, cool, and collected as he has ever been. Hell, I'm pretty sure if you look it up somewhere you'll see that Obama must have graduated from Cooley High, cause that guy is too cool to look like a fool. But, honestly we all know that America doesn't vote solely on soundbites. This isn't 1988, were Newspapers and TV dominated mainstream media . We have Youtube! Anybody can watch and re-watch AND watch remixed versions of how a candidate FAILS to look presidential, 24/7. We vote based on
appearance(Which is sad but true). Kinda like American Idol. The vote always goes to the singer who looks good in front of the American People. McCain did not look good in last nights debate. Obama was clearly the victor in terms of visual style and apperance.


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